BOMBYX MORI red silk sterling silver oxidised dome necklace & pendant


I love to try alternative materials and come up with unexpected results from the mix. The silk thread woven around the silver domes (where the bigger one is oxidised on the inside) forms a simple yet striking and elegant piece. The silk used in this necklace comes from a vintage unused lot I came across one lucky day.

In case you wonder, Bombyx Mori is the Latin name for silkworm. I thought it was a good name for this collection.

I can do a version of this item in many different silk thread colours, and also in white, yellow or red gold. Please contact me for colour options and prices.


Roughly 24mm ΓΈ (bigger dome); 8mm thick. The chain is about 40mm long, 1mm thick. I can make it longer/bigger if you wish.